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8 Weeks and Counting!

8 Weeks and Counting!

The Road to My Fitness Journey Has NOT Been Easy!

As most of you may know, I have not posted anything in quite a while. I honestly did not know what to post! So here is what has been going on in the past five months:

My Mindset

My mindset for preparing for my first competition would come and go. After all, I started really thinking about doing the competition in February, so I had time to goof off and not really worry about it. I was not really seeing much progress from February to March because my food was tasteless and I had way more cheat days than I needed. I chalked it up to thinking that my body was just not meant to do this, and maybe I was meant to be a little chunkier..WRONG

My Meals

As I said my meals were tasteless because I was cooking everything on the grill and eating turkey meat. At first it was okay, but you can only take so much of dry chicken and turkey meat. I started to want to gag every time I ate it!
My saving grace for meals came in March and that is a….CROCKPOT! Yes, that’s literally all I needed to kickstart my fitness journey. The crockpot has done wonders for my diet because I have found recipes that taste so good, and are foods that I can eat!
I started to then see results and got excited! Then after a couple of weeks, I was not changing and I thought that that was all of the progress I would ever see..WRONG AGAIN

My Workouts

At first, I was supposed to be doing 45 minutes of cardio about 5-6 times a week, and usually it ended up being 35. I thought that this was fine and there wouldn’t be much difference. I was not showing any progress and so my coach upped my cardio to 60 minutes. I FINALLY got my mindset together and knock out 60 minutes of cardio 6 times a week plus weight lifting workouts about 5 to 6 times a week.
This has helped tremendously and my body looks better than it did when I was in high school! I am currently in the best shape of my life but still have a ways to go. I’m wanting certain areas (the areas we all want) to look better, but I know Rome was not built in a day.

My Current Mindset

Every day is completely different, you can compare it to a roller coaster. One day, I think to myself that I can do this and I am looking awesome, the next day I feel like I look bloated and don’t think I will ever be ready. Trust me, I have my doubts, but I have also learned SO MUCH in the past week.
Eating is a science and I am starting to master that science! Every day is different, but you will start to see what your body can do if you allow it time. If you are looking to figure out how your body reacts to fats, carbs, and proteins, I recommend downloading the MyFitnessPal app. Most people seem to have their minds explode when trainers and coaches start talking about macros, carbs, etc. This is an easy way for you to become your own expert!

What the Future Holds

Obviously, none of us know what our future holds, but I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been, and I’m also graduating from college! All of that in itself, is a major accomplishment 🙂

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