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Give Your Abs a Tummy Tuck!

Give Your Abs a Tummy Tuck!

People have been asking for an ab workout and here it is!


Each Exercise
Sets: 4-5
Reps: 20

  1. Table Top Crunches


A.Start with your hands behind your head and lift your legs table top.
B. Bring your upper body up as your knees and elbows move to meet each other (or as close as you can get).
C. Release muscles and repeat.

2. Bicycle Crunches


A. Bring left elbow in to meet your right knee while your left leg extends straight out.
B. With so that your right elbow meets your left knee.
C. This counts as one rep.

3. Leg Lifts with a Reverse Crunch


A. Bring legs up where toes are pointed to the ceiling, arms on the ground.
B. Lift just your pelvis up towards the ceiling.
C. Release into straight legs out, not touching the floor.
D. Repeat by lifting your legs (DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR)

4. Plank


A. Plank for 30 seconds. (This does not follow the rep/set guide)
B. Do not let your pelvis go above or below your body line.

5. Side Hip Thrusts


Note: This is hard for beginners, so if you need to put your other hand down on the ground for balance, please do so!
A. Start in a side plank position. Make sure your hips and shoulders are equal and not swaying to one side or the other.
B. Dip your hip down and then lift it up using your abdominals.
C. Switch to do the other side.

6. Plank


A. Plank for 30 seconds. (This does not follow the rep/set guide
B. Do not let your pelvis go above or below your body line.


TRY to do each of these exercises 4-5 times, with 20 repetitions each.

Comment and let me know how you did!

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